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​Jayme Craig is a new mommy to this sweet little angel, Keely. She has been one of my absolute best friends since middle school. 

Jayme has recently embarked on a new journey with the health and wellness company, Xyngular. Here is her story...

"In May 2016, I joined a health and wellness company. That is not something I would have ever done before, but I needed to make a change. Our baby was about 2 months old. I was tired, cranky, emotional, wanting to lose some extra pounds I had gained, and was considering being a stay at home mom. I could only vaguely remember the happy go lucky girl that I was about six years ago. I was so stress free and I loved to have fun and laughed a lot! I started thinking I needed to get that girl back for my sake, my husband's, and everyone around me!

So, I gave the program a go starting in June. Turns out I didn't know how bad I felt until I started feeling good again (holy moly what took me so long to try this stuff?!?) My mood improved and I became so much happier. I lost the baby weight and am now a little smaller than the size I was before I was pregnant. I am off allergy medication and I have more energy to keep up with my now 5 month old baby girl and my graduate school. I am earning a nice little side income to boot. I could not have done any of this without X and all the support in the program. My husband has more energy to work long hours and has greatly reduced the pain in the ankle he broke 2 years ago. All of these things were a big deal for us!! A positive life style change that was much needed!"

Wow what a story! To be clear, I am not a part of the Xyngular family. I am a part of Jayme's life though,and I totally support her in this new journey she has started. If you would like any information on X please contact Jayme, her information is listed below!


Love Y'all,

Breely Medlin


Contact: Jayme Craig

(575) 607-5725


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Macie Walker {2016 TSU Graduate} https://www.missbsphotography.com/blog/2016/4/macie-walker-2016-tsu-graduate

Sunny, 84 degrees, and no wind... it was a perfect day, with the perfect subject, for a fun campus photoshoot!

Macie is a senior this year at Tarleton State University and will be graduating in May. Macie played volleyball for TSU while attending school. Therefor, we had to slip into the gym for a few shots before enjoying the sunshine outside! Macie will be moving closer to home after graduation and heading into education. Good luck, Macie and congrats grad!

Love Y'all,

Breely Medlin

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Brogan Macy {2016 Senior} https://www.missbsphotography.com/blog/2016/3/brogan-macy-2016-senior

Oh my goodness, where do I even begin with this one?!? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Brogan Macy. This girl is one of my absolute favorite people in the entire world! Brogan is a high school senior this year and I had the opportunity to take her senior portraits. We had so stinking much fun with this one. Brogan will be attending Weatherford College this coming fall, which is exciting because that means she will live closer to me! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this girl in her future. This is just the beginning Brog! Keep your eyes on the Lord because your going places! " I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken." Psalm 16:8

Love Y'all,

Breely Medlin

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Shayne Boardman {Rodan + Fields} https://www.missbsphotography.com/blog/2016/3/shayne-boardman-rodan-fields


Shayne Boardman, along with her husband and adorable little girl, happen to be one of my absolute favorite families to photograph! Shayne is a premier LV Lexus achiever at Rodan + Fields. This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend Shayne's R+F Lexus celebration where I photographed all of Shayne's amazing R+F team. This team was full of strong, independent, and beautiful women, which made photographing them all such a delight!

​You can message Shayne on Facebook for more info on how you could achieve your own success story with Rodan + Fields! (Facebook.com/shayne.boardman)

"Rodan + Fields was founded by world-renowned dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. Rodan + Fields became the first skincare line to exit the department store for the world of direct selling. Today, there are numerous Rodan + Fields independent business owners experiencing the income associated with sales volume that far exceeds what leading department store chains were able to achieve."



Love Y'all

Breely Medlin




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AmyJill Photography https://www.missbsphotography.com/blog/2016/2/amy-jill-photography

So this was new... I was in front of the camera this time! I had so much fun, but I also was brought back to the realization that posing for pictures can be very awkward. Thanks to this little photo shoot, I now feel like I will be determined to make every person I photograph feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot.

I had so much fun during this shoot because it was my sweet mom taking the pictures! Amy Clark is not only my mom, but also the photographer for AmyJill Photography located in Amarillo, TX. 

​Although she enjoys taking photos of people, her main focus is pointed more toward landscape photography and creating photos that make great decor in the home! 

​She has many prints for sale on her Facebook page (Facebook.com/AmyJill-Photography)

This happens to be one of my favorite photos that she has up for purchase.

So with that, Y'all go check out AmyJill Photography! She has such a talent and is looking forward to pursuing her dreams in photography!

Love Y'all,

Breely Medlin


AmyJill Photography

Amarillo, Texas


Phone: (806)656-1133


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Brenna Donnelly {Vogue on the Ranch} https://www.missbsphotography.com/blog/2016/2/brenna-donnelly-vogue-on-the-ranch

Brenna is the blogger for Vogue on the Ranch. She is from Minnesota but is now living in Stephenville, Texas.

I had so much fun with her on this photo shoot and look forward to having many more with her! She will be featuring Miss B's photos on her blog so y'all keep an eye out for that! 

To see more from Brenna, go check out www.vogueontheranch.com and follow her on instagram @bdonnelly22

Love y'all!

Breely Medlin

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